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2 Birds Landing - Tania (my founding partner) and I at Truth Coffee in Cape Town

2birdslanding came about in 2005 as a result of not being able to find a runner for my new home that I liked, or that I could afford – so I made one. I made it from vinyl – hand stitched in a cream and black pattern.

A very close friend of mine Tania Ahlfeldt, who shared my love for design, was amazed at my creation and before we knew it we started dreaming big.  And so 2birdslanding was born.

The journey since then has been an interesting one with many challenges – the main one being that at the cusp of our success in 2008 after being featured in all the major interior magazines in South Africa – our range came to an abrupt end. At that stage our supplier could no longer supply us with the raw material needed for our range. 2birdslanding went into ‘hibernation’ because of this – but also as both of us were raising kids.

However, a conversation in a coffee shop called Brioche in 2015 sparked a desire in me to pursue a new material. (Little did we know The Collection Studio who would be the first to stock our new range would open next door 2 years later!)

We have 3 passions – design, recycling, and…Africa! Beautiful, mysterious, diverse, wild, colourful Africa.

Over the last 2 years all these elements have come together organically. We discovered recycled rubber.

Our love for Africa had a ‘rebirth’ at the Business of Design conference in Johannesburg in 2015 – this is reflected in the latest runner we designed called Suster.

Lastly the design of our mats are unique as they create a platform for local artists to display their amazing creative talent. The mats all carry the designers name.

It has taken 2 years of relentless product development to get where we are now.  We are passionate about creating well designed quality pieces and look forward to what the future may bring for 2birdslanding.

2 Birds Landing - first runner in 2005 - where it all started
2 Birds Landing - Africa carpet from previous range before material was discontinued

Maison d’Objet Paris France 2016

We are grateful to Source who took two of our mats to Maison d’Objet in Paris in 2016.

2 Birds Landing - Kraal at Maison d Objet2
2 Birds Landing - Mooi at Maison d Objet2


All mats are made from recycled rubber material / anti-fatigue / durable / indoor / outdoor / wet areas / anti fungal.


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